Association & Non Profit Hosting

Association and Non-profits have special Web Hosting needs.  Associations managers need complete solutions for those needs, without piecing parts together from multiple providers offering varying degrees of success. Solutions that exist behind the closed doors of a single provider may not provide the flexibility to incorporate new technologies when you need them.

LyonsHost builds complete solutions for Association and Non-profit clients using open-source software, like CiviCRM. That means you have the support of a global community of users and developers in addition to our staff.  These tools bring powerful insights at minimal costs. Best of all, running your own website frees you of solutions that lock you into closed systems and that can’t be extended or supported by other providers.

The Power of LyonsHost and CiviCRM


Everyone you need to reach in one place

Imagine how much easier everything becomes with all your contacts in one place. Share or split your contacts into groups, connect them to membership, group emails, event registration, and much more.

Our websites provide the powerful open source membership tools you need to connect with members or constituents. You can automate renewal notices, grace periods, directories and even exclusive member features. Your success depends on your members and membership tools like CiviMember, CiviMail and CiviEvent gather the real data you can depend on for present and future success.

Event Registration

Online or Offline Registration

Create free or paid events. Create repeating events and  individual events. Set times, duration and location. Import participants from an existing list, or allow participants to register online. Connect your participants to reminders, and print badges.


You can keep accurate and current data for your members, non-members and other constituents. Create member groups. Send automatic renewal notices and manage access to member only website features by membership status. You can even manage groups form officers and committee members. You can have all the information at your fingertips or let the software do the work for you.

Your website is the hub of your Association. We build websites on broadly supported and familiar platforms like WordPress and Joomla. These tools give you the power to publish articles, post images and videos and to share important news through blog posts. This strategy draws your readers from social media back to your own website.

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