Change Ahead

Change happens. As Nobel laureate, Bob Dylan famously sang his lyric, “The times, they are a changin’.” The entire field of technology consists of little more than constant change. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that LyonsHost is making changes as well.

Perpetual development marks the biggest change to our business. We still believe in teaching our clients to get the most of online tools. After building many sites for our association and small business clients, we realize that “teaching a man to fish” fits many client’s goals but sometimes a client happily pays for the fish on his plate without catching it himself. We recently started experimenting with perpetual development plans with great results.

What is perpetual development?

Legacy (outdated) software represents both security challenges and potential friction for us. Because older generations of software made upgrades very time consuming and sometimes outright tricky, some clients put off the inevitable. Delays make updates harder and more expensive for websites. So we found a solution and called it perpetual development, and it solves many legacy software problems. We provide clients like you with custom pricing to cover most normal ongoing changes for your project. That way, if you need a software update, we take care of it. Did your favorite website plugin stop providing updates? We can find a new one for you and set it up. Want to change a website theme? We do that too.

Sounds expensive? We spread the development costs over the year with a smaller deposit. That makes a very affordable solution for small organizations. Consequently, you get a lower development price without a deposit in the following years. That makes it easier to plan your budgets. We even include training and support costs in your plan. We can review your actual resource usage and make adjustments each year.

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