Email Checklist

If you market with email, then you need an email checklist. Checklists make excellence better. When you quantify the tasks at hand, then attending to them becomes less of a task. Tools like CiviCRM take care of the mechanical tasks, like storing addresses and managing lists but covering all your bases about the writing and appearance of an email campaign still requires a watchful eye.

Nothing replaces due diligence. Software only goes so far. Eventually we need to spend time reading and double checking the words we produce. Even after we edit the copy within a hair’s breath of perfection, we need to check the subject line, delivery time and so much else.

When I saw this list, I had to share it with you. I covers most everything you will want before you click “send.”

Email Campaign Preflight Checklist - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: Email Campaign Preflight Checklist by Campaign Monitor

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