Event registration represents a fundamental need for many of our users. So many small entities need it that an entire category of websites exist just to provide third party registration. What makes CiviCRM better than Eventbrite or Sign Up Genius for your events?

Event Registration Data Opens Doors

Family Cafe accomplishes a lot with a small staff. They came to us many years ago needing a website that could process online event registrations for their conference. Previously, they had operated with a static HTML website. We put them into Mambo for content management and later updated to Joomla with a home grown registration script. It managed but it also managed to stress everyone on the project and on registration day, it stressed the server too.

Their website grew with us and when we adopted CiviCRM, it felt like a whole new world opened for everyone. The data gathered for event registration feeds activity throughout the year. It drives emails and grant writing. It provides insight into their clients’ lives. Ultimately, planning decisions can be based on information initially gathered from event registration data and completed at their annual conference.

The beauty of working with a complete Constituent Relationship Management tool means that names and demographic data can be gathered at registration time. Household relationships can be stored and tracked to minimize unwanted email and to make sure that the appropriate head of household contacts get recorded for future contact.

More than Attendance

Vendor registration for the event adds another layer to understanding the landscape of end users and the people who serve them and their interests. Historical data recorded in user profiles, provides insights into how individuals benefit from services offered and their needs change over the years. Those contacts can then be sent relevant emails and updates by adding them to profile groups.

When Family Cafe reaches out to youth, parents or vendors, they never need to search further than their own website. CiviMail even processes bounced mail from abandoned accounts, and allows users to subscribe or unsubscribe own their own. That way the staff remains free to work on tasks other than maintaining their mailing lists or shuffling reams of paper registrations.

What starts with a single user signing up to attend a conference, becomes a well documented relationship. That relationship gets nourished with communication tools which remain at Family Cafe’s fingertips through their own website.

Time Saver

What’s better than having your attendees do the bulk of your registration? Once you have that data, CiviCRM uses that data for reports. It even creates your attendee name tags, mailing groups and smooths the flow of attendee checkins. If you want to know more, please give us a call orĀ  fill in a sales support ticket. We’d love to hear from you.

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