Leon Fruit and Nut Exchange

The Leon Fruit and Nut Exchange recently began an urban gleaning program in our home city of Tallahassee. This morning we picked over seventy pounds of grapefruit and gave it to the Exchange’s director, Tabitha Frazier. The boxes of fruit at the top of the page really came from our own tree. It felt great to make this effort to help a client and to help feed our own community.

How it Works

Property owners around Tallahassee and the greater Leon County area can register their trees on the Leon Fruit and Nut Exchange website. They can specify if they need their fruit harvested by volunteers or if they will harvest the fruit themselves using the crates provided by the Exchange. Then, the Exchange collects and distributes the fresh fruit to local food distribution sites and after school programs. They hope to expand the program to include shelters and other places that will distribute fresh produce to those who most need it.

Behind the Site

Beyond harvesting our grapefruit tree, we worked with Tabitha to develop a website which empowered her to realize a vision. Running the site on a combination of content management and CiviCRM, makes publishing helpful articles about growing and harvesting from healthy trees easy. The site is connected to relevant social media, too, making it easy to broadcast the latest news from the Exchange.

Harnessing the power of CiviCRM, the Leon Fruit and Nut exchange also collects important information about tree locations, harvest totals, volunteer input and much more. Tracking this information reveals hidden treasures in our community.

Tabitha’s other project, Leon Trees collects information about trees with historic significance, giving the community a sense of place. So now, residents can discover Tallahassee’s history by looking no further than the Leon Trees website, then go into the city to see and touch the trees themselves. Residents can participate, too, using the website to register historic trees or extraordinary specimens. The site also uses a combination of content management and CiviCRM.

The Leon Fruit and Nut Exchange stands to be a model for other urban gleaning programs. We feel fortunate to have played our small part, developing their website. Also, we look forward future developments and sharing our grapefruit.


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