LyonsHost and Installatron

You can prevent the biggest threat to your website with LyonsHost and Installatron, out of date software and failure to backup. That’s because outdated software is responsible for most of the vulnerabilities that hackers use. Fortunately LyonsHost performs daily backups automatically. As an Installatron Hosting Partner we give you easy tools for keeping your website software up to date.

You know not to leave your house or car keys out and unattended in public places. It’s just common sense. You also know safe and unsafe parts of town. It’s easy to forget that the Internet includes very rough places too. Even when you have a glimmer of how rough the Internet can be, it looks like too much work to take precautions against the lurking shadows.

Losing all the data for your website presents the worst case scenario . Years of work can disappear in an instant. Fortunately, we make backups of all of our servers daily, but Installatron gives you extra security by automatically sending a backup of your website to services like DropBox, a WebDAV server or any FTP address. You can set your preferred destination and let the software file your extra backups for you. It’s very easy.

If your website runs on a popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla or a number of other applications installed by Installatron, security against hackers sits at your fingertips. From your cPanel, you can tell Installatron to automatically run security and version updates for your CMS and for the plugins, themes and templates.

With powerful and easy to use tools like these from LyonsHost and Installatron, there’s no excuse to run out of date software. Finally, it’s easier to sleep at night when you know where your backups are and that you have the latest security patches for your website.