Heraclitus said, “Everything changes. Nothing stands still.” That 2500 year old sentiment is especially relevant in the world of technology. Every few years, some technological change comes along to redefine digital communication. When my friend, Greg Cohen showed me HTML for the first time over lunch at a Tallahassee Chinese buffet, I never could have imagined where those first few open and close tags would take me.

Nothing stands still and we are in the process of migration once again to take advantage of change. We promise to make this as painless as possible. Many of you may not even see any differences except for improved web and email service. What will all of this mean to you though?

Mailscanner and Open Xchange

We are beefing up our email service. For those of you who use email included with your website, we will be rolling out Mailscanner. We have been testing Mailscanner for a couple months and it’s been a great improvement in controlling spam for all the users on that server, blocking spam, viruses and other undesirable email.

Open Xchange is an open source email suite for our users who want more than an inbox with their own domain. Open Xchange includes integrated calendar and address book paired with a large mailbox. Accounts start at 2GB per user. Larger accounts include features like Active Sync and file sharing, online file and document storage and group calendars where you can tag contacts, events and files for specific projects. Plans start for as little as $2.50/month. The full featured plan starts with 10GB of mail and 25GB of file/document storage for as little as $4.16/month.

Moving Websites

Along with email hosting, we are also preparing to migrate to new web servers. This process may take a month to complete, but we will be moving all websites and virtual servers to a more robust and powerful architecture. We expect to see great improvements in stability and uptime. The new systems will also give us additional flexibility.

New Hosting Option

Finally, if you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a new hosting plan on our website. The Mini-site is our solution to a simple to manage website with all the bells and whistles that you need and none of the extra worries that come with starting a site from scratch. Each Mini-site comes complete with publishing tools, one basic email address and the ability to change anything any time. Of course, we will still be here to answer your questions and provide guidance as needed. With a Mini-site, though you can take full control of your message.

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