LyonsHost and Installatron Makes Life Easier

LyonsHost and Installatron You can prevent the biggest threat to your website with LyonsHost and Installatron, out of date software and failure to backup. That’s because outdated software is responsible for most of the vulnerabilities that hackers use. Fortunately LyonsHost performs daily backups automatically. As an Installatron Hosting Partner we give you easy tools for […]

Small Biz Saturday

Today marks Small Business Saturday for the 2015 holiday season. We are big fans of small businesses of all kinds. Our friends and our client list are full of small business owners of all kinds. They all deserve a tip of the hat today and every day, from the small retail operator, to computer service […]

The Mini Site for Starting with Smaller Steps

A Mini Site could be just the right size. There’s a saying in the theatre that there are no small roles, only small actors. Sure, there may be that walk-on role with almost no lines, but how many times have you seen that moment steal the show? I know that I have seen it happen […]

GLBA/HIPPA Compliant email – One less worry.

Compliant email? There’s no way around email. We’ve tried and I’ll guess that you have too. Sure, there are texts, portals, social media, phone calls (let’s not even mention faxes) and so many ways to communicate. At the end of the day, you still need your email. If you have to deal with sensitive information, […]