Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark

Digital storytelling with Adobe Spark makes the process easy. Spark is a new product for creating online content. I created and presented a Spark video to my Monday leads group. The experience made for a great test drive. Spark is easy and a lot of fun to use. I made this video in a couple […]

The Mini Site for Starting with Smaller Steps

A Mini Site could be just the right size. There’s a saying in the theatre that there are no small roles, only small actors. Sure, there may be that walk-on role with almost no lines, but how many times have you seen that moment steal the show? I know that I have seen it happen […]

Website & Triathlon: Lessons from the Race Course

This past weekend was the final running of the Rocketman Triathlon at Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida. Aside from what was possibly my last chance ever to ride my bicycle up to the launch pads that took humanity to the moon and later to orbit with the Space Shuttle, it was also a great […]