CRM Is Essential for Small Business Too

CRM inspires passion with me. You can normally implement CRM in your business workflow with only a little extra effort. That effort pays back handsomely in saved time and easier acquisition of information after your first few interactions. Mostly, it provides a level of confidence and insight when those around you play guessing games. Few […]

Secure Enough or is Your Site Secure?

“Secure Enough” for What? When you tell yourself, or a web professional that the site is secure enough , you accept a lot of risk without really understanding the consequences. When we speak to people about website security, they often respond with concerns about payment fraud, and identity theft. Users try to address those problems […]

How the Internet Works or Sometimes Doesn’t

I often explain that connecting to a server requires much more than an Internet connection on both ends. A lot happens in the middle and today provided a great example of how sometimes it’s the Internet connections in the middle that matter. One of our servers had “issues” today. I filed a ticket with our […]