Secure Enough or is Your Site Secure?

“Secure Enough” for What? When you tell yourself, or a web professional that the site is secure enough , you accept a lot of risk without really understanding the consequences. When we speak to people about website security, they often respond with concerns about payment fraud, and identity theft. Users try to address those problems […]

Forward – Making Progress

It’s a great feeling to make progress again. We finished our migration over the weekend. What a breath of fresh air to see everything running with great responsiveness and reporting low loads. Everything is improving at the same time. They say that you have to walk before you can run. Whoever “they” are, they’re right […]

LyonsHost and Installatron Makes Life Easier

LyonsHost and Installatron You can prevent the biggest threat to your website with LyonsHost and Installatron, out of date software and failure to backup. That’s because outdated software is responsible for most of the vulnerabilities that hackers use. Fortunately LyonsHost performs daily backups automatically. As an Installatron Hosting Partner we give you easy tools for […]

Faster Site Development with Installatron

Installatron – your key to faster website creation LyonsHost is an Installatron Partner Provider. Installatron is a one step application installer that enables blogs, photo galleries, forums, shops and other top web applications to be installed instantly and managed effortlessly. Not quite sure where to start? It’s simple enough to install or remove these applications […]