Domain Spear Phishing

Domain Spear Phishing is a real danger. You need to protect your domain. Have you seen something like the message below in your email recently? If you have, please ignore it and delete it immediately. ===== Start of Fake message ===== In a message dated 10/26/2015 11:09:57 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes: Dear Sir/Madam, […]

WordPress Brute Force Vulnerability

You may already be protected, but it’s worth noting that a significant WordPress Brute Force Vulnerability security flaw has recently been discovered. We were alerted to this issue by our technology partner, Cloudflare. The short explanation is that a method for updating multiple WordPress websites was exploited to allow a malicious http call (a web […]

Affiliate Program – Share and Earn

We really love having your business. There’s a fair chance that you know someone else who would benefit from hosting with us. Whether you’re an email customer or even if you have your own server, getting a little something back is always nice. That’s why we have an affiliate program that pays you 10% for […]