A Mini Site could be just the right size. There’s a saying in the theatre that there are no small roles, only small actors. Sure, there may be that walk-on role with almost no lines, but how many times have you seen that moment steal the show? I know that I have seen it happen plenty of times.

That’s why I think that our Mini Site may become one of our great scene stealers. We planned this new product carefully with the new and smaller website administrator in mind. It has everything you need, without the complicated features you don’t need.

Not a DNS wizard? Don’t need more email addresses? Don’t want to install software or plug-ins? Don’t want or need to worry over sub-domains, or parking extra domain names? No? Really? Then this plan is just right for you.

The Mini Site has all the basics that you need. You get WordPress, already installed. That means no coding, just login and start writing posts and adding your media, like photos or YouTube videos. We supply the plug-ins. We give you a selection of templates to start designing your website. The only thing you need to do is login and select the features that you want to use and start creating great content.

Don’t have a feature that you really want? Just ask. We will be adding new plug-ins and themes as time goes on. Need help getting started? We are here to help. Just ask by opening a ticket or sending an email. Do you know someone who’s been on the fence about starting a website or a blog, share this article with them. It may be just what they need.

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