Servers are up.

Ever think to yourself, I wonder if it’s my connection or if the server is running slow? Maybe the server is really busy right now? You don’t have to guess. LyonsHost customers can view the server status a couple different ways.

Login to the client area for your account. Under the “Support” menu item,  find and click on “Network Status.” You will get a report for every server in our network, how much space is available, how many days the server has been running without interruption, the current load as well as the status of the key services of http, FTP and POP for the mail server. It should look like the example at the top of this page.

If you want more information just about the server where you account is located, just login to cPanel and click on server status. It will tell you almost anything you need to know about the server status.

Can’t see your website, but the network status says that we are up and running? Take a look at the status of your domain registration. You could also be blocked by our firewall. Give us a call or open a ticket and we will be happy to unblock you, if you’ve run afoul of the firewall. Remember, we are here to help.

Why have the servers only been up for such a short time? We’ve been migrating to new servers. The new servers have only been online for a couple weeks at most when we captured that image.

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