How about your website?

Is your website part of the conversation about your organization or is it only a broadcast center? It’s a very important distinction. Both approaches have their benefits, but they aren’t the same thing. A conversation is much more than waiting your turn to speak. We know how that works out. Each person says their piece, and no consensus is reached and no new ideas emerge.

When we listen, we are open to new ideas and new insights. What’s being said? How was it said? What topics or specifics are being avoided? Sometimes, the unspoken parts of the conversation speak to us more directly than the explicit statements that get uttered or posted to a screen.

In the infancy of social media, the website was the broadcast center of information. All roads lead to the website. Now, as a society, we are moving out to the social sphere. How does the small website fit into that plan? Increasingly, that’s a question we need to answer and every venture needs to answer it on their own terms. Increasingly we see that well curated conversations get more user interest than merely telling people what’s on your mind.

As one example, the news from this website posts automatically to four social media channels in six separate places without any input beyond writing new content. If that’s all we did it would be like waiting for our next chance to speak. That’s not where it ends though. We tweet back. We like our user’s Facebook posts, and we answer questions that arise from our posts.

Social media gives our website a chance to walk around through the global conversation. Sometimes we start the conversation. Sometimes we join another conversation and sometimes, like our favorite story tellers, we invite the public into our conversations. It’s your chance to pull a chair into our circle. Say your piece. Take in what we’ve learned or even let us know if we missed something important to you. It’s important to understand that just because we publish these posts, doesn’t mean that the conversation ends on this page. We want to hear back from you because if we don’t, we can’t learn what’s on your mind.

Your turn

You can do the same thing with you own website. Invite your website visitors to like, share and comment on your content. It gives you a chance to learn new things about the audience you serve. Maybe they have a unique need you didn’t know about. Maybe they like your organization or product, but wish something were just a little different. It’s even possible that your audience really likes you as you are. We can all benefit from a little positive feedback. Unless you open the conversation, you’ll never know.

If you need a hand getting that conversation started with your website, let us know. We love to help and we get told that we’re pretty good at it.

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